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  Apache Studio lighting camera hire Kent
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  Apache Sales

Studio, Lighting, Camera and Consumable Sales

  • Lighting Gels
  • Croc clips
  • Gloves and Gripwear
  • Camera Tape
  • Gaffer and electrical tape
  • Rubber Matting
  • Rope and Sash Cord
  • Background paper
  • Polyboards
  • Smoke and Haze Fluid
  • Lamps
  • Batteries
  • Hard Drives
  • Storage Media
  • Electrical supplies

Used Lighting and Camera Sales

We offer used equipment sales, dealing in many of the major brands of camera and lighting equipment you will find in our rental catalogue including

  • Bowens
  • Nikon
  • Arri
  • Kinoflo
  • Dedolights
  • Grip products
  • Manfrotto

Please see our current used stock list at the bottom of this page.

Nationwide delivery is available. Apache's sales team are conviently located at Courtyard Studios, just off the M20 near Maidstone in Kent. Product demonstration can be arranged by prior appointment. All prices are ex VAT.

Please email us for all sales enquiries.

Consumable Sales
Internal of Courtyard Studios

Lighting Gels & Frosts
We stock a complete range of standard lighting gels & frosts etc.

All standard CT, ND and Frosts per roll £ 55+VAT

or sold per sheet ( 1mx 1.2m) £10.50+VAT

All other gels POA

Hire Arri 650W fresnel

Electrical Supplies
Hire Arri 300w fresnel We stock and supply a broad range of broadcast and set electrical items:

Cables, HO7 heavy duty cable by the meter or reel

32A and 16A CEEFORM Power connectors

BULBS, both for broadcast and domestic lamps. Many from stock for Arri and Dedolights etc.

Equipment fuses, chinese lanterns, 13A plugs etc

Hire Arri 300w fresnel Gaffer tape black/white,Pro grade 50mm gloss roll £7.50

Matt black gaffer tape, 50mm wide roll £ 13.50

Chroma Blue/Green gaffer tape, 50mm wide roll £ 21.50

Hazard tape, PVC 50mm wide, 30m roll £9.50

Various coloured electrical tapes £2.50 per roll

Masking tape, 1 inch roll £3.50
Masking tape, 2 inch roll £3.90

Many more tapes available POA

Rubber Matting
Arri 2.5KW compact HMI
Rubber matting for covering cables approx 600 x 915 mm £16.50+VAT

or per 2.5m roll £53.50

Electrical Supplies
Arri 2.5KW compact HMI 240v CEEFORM Power Connectors, 13A plugs, fuses, chinese lanterns etc POA

Blue Tak
Arri 2.5KW compact HMI
Standard pack of Blue tak £3.50

Background paper/colourama paper
Arri 2.5KW compact HMI Background paper rolls. Available as both full width 2.72m wide and half with 1.35cm wide in a variety of popular colours. POA Please note less popular colours may need to be specially ordered in. Typical lead time for paper orders in generally 3-4 days.


1x Chimera 36X48 inch video softboxes with eggcrate 500+VAT each (in excellent condition)
1x 4kW chimera speed ring 9365 140+VAT( also fits 5kW tungsten Junior)


2x kinoflo4 ft 4 banks with ballasts and 2x daylight or tungsten tubes 250+VAT each ( SOLD)
1x Kinoflo wall-o-lite withflightcase, eggcrate and 10x tungsten tubes 700+VAT (Well used but working) ( Heavy Stand 100+VAT)
1x kinoflo Car kit, single double ballast, 2x 9inch heads with tungsten tubes 200+VAT

Arri Tungsten Lighting

2x Arri 1kW studio fresnels 175+VAT each ( well used but working)
2x Arri 2kW Fresnels 275+VAT each
2x arri 2kW studio Fresnels 300+VAT each
2 x 5kW arri studio Fresnels 450+VAT each ( SOLD)
4x arri 650W fresnel 175+VAT each
Arri 3 head flight case 100+VAT
2x arri 2Kw blonde in arri Flight case 400+VAT (The pair)


2x 5kW Limelite movie master inline dimmers 150+VAT each
4 x Any 4 x Pro-Dim 2.5 kW inline dimmers 100+VAT each
Arri connexion Plus DMX desk with remote (untested) 50+VAT


1x Sony PMW-EX3 HD cameras each with 1x 8GB and 1x 16GB sxs cards, 2x batteries and charger. 1500+VAT
1 x Nodal Ninja NN5 Panoramic head - D12 Kit, includes D 12 Rotator Base, 2 x rail stops and camera mounting plate.300+VAT
1x DJi Ronin M gimbal 800+VAT

Stands etc

1x arri /avenger 8x8 folder frame 200+VAT
2x super high roller combi stands 185+VAT each
1 x arri mega boom 475+VAT
3 x Nano stands 20+VAT each
2x 1m steel stand extensions (22mm) 25+VAT each


1x Dedolight DT-4 12v 4 lamp transformer 250
1x 4 head dedolight DLH4 kit with hard case 1200+VAT
1x Dedolight LEDzilla LED 225+VAT
1x Dedolight hard case for 4 head kit 250


1x Sound Devices 302 mixer with break out cable long mic lead and large SD mixer bag 600+VAT
2x sennheiser Ew112 radio lapel mics 350+VAT each
1x Unicol tall monitor stand with 2x shelves 70+VAT

Cables and Distro

2x rubber distort boxes 63A to 2x32A, 2x 16A Can be wired from single or 3 Ph input. 250+VAT each