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Jack The Ripper, The Definitive Story

The first in BEL's Definitive Story Series.

Jack the Ripper murdered and horribly mutilated at least five helpless prositutes in the East End of London in 1888. Never caught, never certainly identified, over a century of theories and speculation has obscured the story of what really happened.

This 90 minute documentary, written by and featuring many of the world's leading authorities, tells the story of Jack the Ripper from the first murder to an examination of the men policemen at the time thought was the killer.

Taking the viewer back to the streets of the East End of 1888. Amazingly detailed and closely researched graphics showing what the streets were really like, what the witnessess actually saw, and why the gas-lit warren of passages and alleys made Jack the Ripper impossible to catch. Everything, right down to the street lighting, is reproduced as accurately as it is possible to get. Using the actual statements of witnesses, the evidence presented in the coroner's court and official police documents.

Narrated by Paul Begg. Produced and Directed by Jeff Leahy. UK Broadcasts on FIVE (attracting 1.6m viewers) & AETN with further internationally broadcasts and versioning in 2011. It received a theatrical screening across the USA in 2011. Format 1080 HD. Distributed by Passion Entertainment.


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