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The Bel360 Team
Jeff Leahy, Producer / Director / Writer

Jeff has over 20 years experience in television, having worked for the BBC, Nickleodeon, Living, Channel 5 and Zone Reality. He has garnered a reputation as one of the best directors of historical reconstructions in the industry. Also a successful producer, Jeff has a number of critically acclaimed short films to his credit.

Paul Dixon, DP / Creative Director

Paul has enjoyed a 25 year career, establishing a reputation as a leading advertising and commercial photographer in the 90's, developing Courtyard Studios and then launching Apache Rental. Paul has been involved in TV, film and video throughout his career gaining a wealth of experience producing and shooting TV, Feature Film, commercials and corporate productions. Paul sits on the Kent Film and TV Board.

Jaakko Luukanen, 3D Artist

Jaakko is a 3D modeller/animator who has worked in various capacities in the media industry since the mid 90's. His work/project palette has included commercial children's education and interactive entertainment, corporate visuals and performing arts, as well as illustration, games and other industry services.


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